What’s Wrong With That Message?

What makes a preacher’s message a good one and what makes it fall short of that mark? There is one quality that characterizes a good message, and it is manifested in two different ways. I would call that quality STRONG WORDS.
First, a preacher should use STRONG WORDS. The message ought to be bold. It should be designed to stake out a position with which it is actually possible to disagree. Some speakers blunt the force of every point they make with qualifications or conditions that bring confusion and weaken the power of the message. They are trying to appease people, trying not to offend, trying to allow for every nuance of variant interpretation. I say this is bad preaching. Be strong. Take a firm stand. Make a declaration and don’t water it down.
Second, the preacher should be using the STRONG WORDS of the Bible. That should be the starting point. Instead, many preachers select a topic of their own choosing and try to marshal Scripture references to support an argument or an opinion. The message ought to instead start with the Bible. The Word of God is where the power is, not the word of man. Expository preaching is strong preaching; topical preaching is weak.

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