Redeemer King (Hymn)

Here is yet another hymn, “Redeemer King.” (Don’t worry; pretty soon I will have used them all up, and I will have to move on to posting other things.)

Redeemer King (hymn)

Lyrics (as text):

1. I sing to You, the Crucified
For my offense You bled and died
Endured the cross, despised its shame
That I might bear Your holy name.

2. You drank the cup Your Father gave
You knew the path led to the grave
You bore the cross to Calvary,
And suffered there, and died for me.

3. No devil’s scheme, no mortal man
Can turn aside Your perfect plan
No mountain height, no depth of sea
Can separate Your love from me.

4. So let the world deride and scorn,
My hope is sure, my vict’ry won *
I stand with You, Redeemer King
Through endless days Your praise to sing.

* Alternate lyric: “My hope is sure; I am reborn!”

possible verse between 2 & 3:

And though your truth the world denies,

I to the hills lift up my eyes

You are my Lord, my Sun and Shield

My Source of light, the truth revealed.


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